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Merkur HD + Feather = WooHoo!

As I looked upon my recent arrival of soap from Mama Sue, I realized that it would take me almost a month to work my way through my creams and soaps by shaving 4-5 days per week. Normally, I skip Mondays and Fridays because of the great shaves I have achieved on the previous days.

Not wanting to waste time, I decided to add both days to my shave routine-plus, I get to spend more time with my supplies(man, I am really losing it).

On my main shave days, I use either the Merkur VISION or the Gillette slim handle adjustable as I like to adjust them downward after each pass. However, on Monday, I did not have more than 30 minutes for my routine, so time was of the essence. As a result, I decided to use the Merkur HD with a Feather blade, figuring that no fiddling with adjustments would save me time and the Feather's legendary sharpness would do an admirable job of stubble reduction.

With that setup in hand, I opened up a new container of Mama Sue's Extreme soap and built a lather with my Savile Row 208. Now, normally, if I was going to use a Feather blade, I would have reached for the Proraso cream knowing I would need more lubricity and cushion- But the Mama Sue soap did not disappoint. Lots of lather ( more than enough for 2 passes) and the Feather just glided along.

No adjustments were made or needed- just man, blade, and lather building to a crescendo of baby butt smoothness. I literally became one with the blade and the razor. The feeling is hard to explain, but many of you know exactly what I am referring to.

This shave was completed @ 8p on Monday night- by 8am the next day, there was minimal stubble growth ( faceturbating was still possible). I am amazed by the results for 2 reasons: 1) The combination allowed me to focus on shaving-not adjusting and 2) the Feather performed excellently.

By my next shave on Tuesday night, there was no evidence of any ingrowns, road rash, or irritation. In my time with the Letterk( tyx John) blade sampler, I had realized that the Feather blade and my favorite razor (VISION) just would not work for my face. Now, I have to order myself a pack of 100's( or two).

This realization brings me to my next dilemma (or is it??)- I do not use the HD to often because its size or lack thereof causes my hand to cramp when used regularly ( more than twice in a week). Now I know I must order an Edwin Jagger model because the long handle classic appears to be too skinny for my hands. Just when I thought I could give the ***AD's a rest, they pull me back in (resistance is futile!)

So if any of you reading this have a Merkur HD on hand and Feather blades, what are you waiting for?

I use a Merkur HD and Feather blade ever day!

I see no reason to change....it is a perfect combo.

Honestly....the HD is one bad mutha! Highly underated!

I love not messing with settings and adjustments....just perfecting my technique with each shave. I never wonder....should I dial up or down. I know exactly whats going on when the shave isnt going perfect....and its never the HD...but rather the bladesman!

I think I have used my HD nearly every day for almost 2 years. No need to spend more money on other razors. Save the bucks for SCAD!
I bought an HD for the same reasons. Tired of playing with the settings on my Futur and gettins so-so results. I should be more concerned wit angle, no presure, etc. Great news is that I my HD showed up yesteday.:biggrin: Bad news is that it showed up right as I had just finished shaving.:glare: I will load it with a feather (Thanks John) and look forward to my next shave.

Just to throw the YMMV out there: The Feather - HD combo didn't work for me.

It was obviously a sharper blade than my Derbys but at the end of the day, the end results are the same. Just I have to be a lot more careful with the Feather and run a lot better chance of a nick or burn so I don't see any reason to use it.

BBS is BBS no matter what blade you use to get there!:smile:

PS: The HD is an awesome unit and I don't really have a desire to experiment with others! So at least there is one AD I can avoid!

Try the Feather with the Slant sometime.

BBS smooth with very little irritation. The Slant handle is HD which I find is easy to hold.

I only do two passes. I get BBS smooth without any irritation.

I was thinking about buying a progress, but now I will try a Feather blade in my HD. If it worked for someone else to get a closer than it might work for me. Thanks:001_smile
Well, I love my HD, but the HD + Feather combo for me was uncomfortable. The HD + Derby combo is sublime however.

Still, everyone's face is best suited to a specific combo, be glad that you have found the magic combo, the Rosetta Stone as it were, of wet shaving.


2 things:

1. OK, so I've had a. . .um. . .difficult (read: bloody!:devil: :behead:) past with the Feathers, but based on this thread will load my HD with a fresh Feather for tomorrow's shave. Keep me in your prayers, fellas!

2. That was a beautifully written thread starter, Marty! It made me really want to go back into the Feather-y waters! Bravo--one of the best posts I've read in weeks. Thanks.
mrob said:
1. OK, so I've had a. . .um. . .difficult (read: bloody!:devil: :behead:) past with the Feathers, but based on this thread will load my HD with a fresh Feather for tomorrow's shave. Keep me in your prayers, fellas!

Trust me Mitch, I had the same trepidations about the Feather-when used with my VISION, the results left a lot to be desired. I think it may have been a 'burn' blade(which in a Feather can be hazardous to one's health! :eek: ).
All I can say is go for it- but with your most slippery and lubricious cream. :biggrin:

Tyx for the kind words- I tried to explain how the shave made me feel in a way that would be beneficial to the collective. Now I know I must have hit the right note! :wink:
I have 4 favorites (of DE's), they are as follows:

Merkur Classic Long Handle with Feather blade
Merkur Classic with Feather blade
Merkur HD with Feather blade
Merkur Slant Bar (Satan's Razor) with Feather blade

EVERYONE of them give me an excellent shave. I don't care too much for adjustables, I've tried every setting and not gotten as good a shave as I have with the Merkur fixed heads.
A Merkur HD and Feather are my current combo as well. These were my introduction to real wet shaving and I love them. I just purchased a bunch of Derby's on ebay that I'm waiting to try as well.


I'm new to B&B, but am a frequent poster on SRP. I normally shave with a straight, but a couple times a week I pull out the HD with a feather. What a great shave. Never tried the Derby blades, but hear good things.

I sometimes get irritaiton with the feather on my kneck though. My technique is decent and preshave prep thorough, but maybe it's too rough of a blade for that area. Is this something you think the derby will fix?
I love feathers. I see no reason to ever use another blade. I use feather in an HD to shave my head, and a feather in either a slant or progress for my face. This morning I shaved with the slant and brand new feather, after not shaving for 48 hours. Put some almond oil on, then trumper violet. Incredible shave, no irritation.

I bought a case of 200 feathers for about $50... should last me a few years at least.
You bought 200 Feather blades for $50? Wow! Where, may I ask did you buy them? I used the Slant-Bar with Feather blades for my first classic shave. Not so good. Razor burn like crazy. Stayed with it for a couple of weeks, but no improvement. Although the poor results were likely a due to poor technique, I switched to a Merkur HD with feather blades. Comfortable shaves from day one. Absolutely no irritation. Within a few days, BBS. I've thought about pulling out the Slant-bar again, but there is no reason to. How do you improve on perfection?
Hello, everyone.

You all have me intrigued by the Merkir HD rAzor. HOwever, when i looked it up there are a few versions of it. For instance, the safety straight razor, long classic, slant safety razor, HD comb safety razor, and the long handle version of the Merkur HD - according to

Which version is being referred to, or does it really matter?

Also, what is the recommended usage (life) for a razor blade?
HOw many uses should a razor blade be used for?

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