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Merkur Futur

So I was finally able to get my hands on a Futur after many outbids and late responses on the BST forum. I have to say after last night's shave I am very impressed that it has me thinking crazy thoughts...like selling off all the others.

I used a Astra blade and used St James. Cedarwood and Clary Sage cream, and finished with Ogallala Bay and Cedar AS. I started off with the #1 setting but ended up with #3, but may push the envelope next time around. No nicks or weepers; not even as much as whiff of irritation. Excellent audible feedback as well that others have mentioned.

While I didn't loose grip I could see how it could happen. The finish isn't exactly confidence inspiring in that regard. So it got me to thinking...Are these Futur razors made out of pot metal underneath or some other decent alloy?

Because of my gunsmithing hobby I have a Bridgeport mill and checkering files at my disposal as well as metal finishing skills/rigs....just curious.
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I have a number of razors (new and vintage)... I always keep coming 'back to the Futur'... It's a remarkable razor. I find the weight to be a huge benefit for my beard. Glad to hear about another convert! Med Preps work the best for me...
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