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MenScience Advanced Face Lotion Oil Free

I got a sample of this, and have used it a few times. Bottom line: nasty. It has a weird chemical odor that lingers on and on. I can actually smell it over my EdT. As far as its moisturizing qualities, it is absorbed very quickly and leaves no greasiness. Way too light for me, though. I need more moisturizing. Regardless, I can't get past the smell.

I would avoid this one.
MS face lotion is one of the best moisturizers on the market for guys with oily or very oily skin. It is very light and it has hydroxy acids so stay away if you have normal to dry skin, but it along with the MS face wash have done wonders for the look and texture of my skin and it keeps me matte all day unlike baxter oil free. It does have a strange chemical smell due to the fact that its fragrance free, but personally I have found it to fade quickly and not linger.
Speaking of MS, I ordered up a bottle each of the face wash and the microfine scrub based on the samples I received from them by mail. Good stuff!
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