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Mary Kay?

So I've been looking for a moisturizer that has sunscreen. My wife suggested I try some of her Mary Kay stuff. It worked well. I also used some hydrating gel before going to bed and my face was much less greasy in the morning. The scents weren't all that good, but I don't think they were supposed to be. Has anyone every used Mary Kay? I think they have a men's line that is the same stuff just repackaged. I'm interested because if it works my sister-in-law sells the stuff and I can get it dirt cheap.
I've always loved cosmetics/toiletries in any form. Years and years ago, I bought into the "Pink" thing for about a year. I am not up-to-date on any current products but at that time they were quality items. The financial structure to the salesperson steers the price (or did at that time).
Well, since it's my sister-in-law, I can get everything at her cost. So I'm not too worried about price. If it's good stuff, maybe I'll get some and let you know how it works.

And no pick shaving brushes. At least not for me.
I used the men's line back in '99. As I recall, it was pretty good stuff. Problem is, they have very few products available under the men's skin care banner. Baxter of California makes a moisturizer with SPF that, I felt, left my face feeling less greasy.
Brave Soldier makes a really nice moisturizing sunblock that i use called Solar Shield. it's a nice, strong SPF 28 and quite nice on the face; completely non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and rich with essential oils. it's not the cheapest thing on earth at $18 for 4 ounces, but like all quality products, a little goes a long way. here's a link:


best groomings,

My wife is a Mary Kay consultant and I used the men's line that was available a few years ago. They have since gone to a "unisex" cleanser and moisturizer called "Timewise". The stuff is very good and a little goes a long way. Use Taylors and Poraso shave soaps. Mary Kay sunscreen is excellent too. I've used it golfing and doing other outdoor activities and have never burned!
Don't know alot about the skin care,
but I used to get lots of positive comments from the opposite sex when I wore the Mary Kay "Domain" Edt.
My friend recommended it to me, and I told her I thought it smelled like dish soap....until I went to the club wearing a sample and had perhaps 5 or 6 different girls sortof melt onto me saying something like "G... You smell Good..."
I bought a bottle that very night.
Sorry for the off topic ramble...just got reminded of some good stuff I had forgotten about.
John P.
The Oil of Olay brand has some good products at resonable prices.

Neutrogena has recently introduced a complete men's line that includes two moisturizers with spf - both of which are reasonably priced. Not to mention that its nice to have a product that comes in packaging that doesn't look like you've been raiding your SO's makeup kit!
Mary Kay is quality stuff IMHO.

I use the Timewise facial bar in the shower and all the mens fragrances.
The Domain and the Tribute have after shave balms that are decent but they both contain alcohol, if that is an issue for you.

The Domain is a citrusy, summer fragrance and the Tribute is a very spicy winter wear.

Im glad I can finally talk about these products "outta 'da closet" !!:blushing:
I use "Dream Products" that are made by a women who used to work for a dermatologist and now makes products on her own. You can tell her exactly what you do or don't want in your moisturizer/sunscreen(zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) I like the physical sunscreens. I also have just a hint of vanilla for the scent. The stuff is not greasy and absolutely soaks in right away and feels fantastic. It's great stuff!
I did use Oil of Olay Total Effects(unscented) SPF 15 for several years and would recommend it too.
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