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Maple syrup in coffee


I'm calling the U.N.
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real maple is one of the best things on earth. one of the joys of visiting Canada was taking the kids to McDonalds for breakfast and having real maple syrup (or sirup for some) in those plastic containers they give out with the pancakes (real butter in the plastic too). American palates are so desensitized by corn syrup it's frightening. When my grandson comes to visit, I won't let granny put any of that corn sweetener on his pancakes, only the real thing.
Oh yeah.

I grew up on the stuff ... real maple syrup, that is ... and that's what we'd have on our pancakes all the time. Occasionally my parents would get a bottle of corn syrup (probably trying to save money) and that'd result in a particular dance at the breakfast table ... "pass the syrup please ... um, no, the other one ... hey! don't take all the good syrup first!" And then everyone together "Mu-u-um!! we need more of the GOOD syrup." Ah, fun days.