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Manchurian White and High Mountain White knots at Elite Razor


Manchurian White 2-band and High Mountain White 3-band knots are back in stock at Elite Razor.

Following the initial offering of these exceptional knots, I have just received a shipment of 24, 26 and 28mm Manchurian Whites and 24mm High Mountain White knots.

These knots are very dense, yet very soft, and are excellent performers. Reviews of the 2-band Manchurian White compare it favorably to Shavemac and Thater 2-band knots. Both knots are very well packed and will require the socket in the handle to exceed the knot diameter by 2mm for a proper fit. The density of the High Mountain White is comparable to the Epsilon knot.

Shown below are two examples of these knots set into a brush handle. The Bloody Basin Jasper holds a 24mm Manchurian White, while the Alternate Casein handle has a 24mm High Mountain White.

Following are several of the comments from the reviews of these fine knots:

Manchurian White -

"My 28mm knot measures 32mm + at the top of the handle, so the supplier is stuffing these knots well. There is no glue bump. The brush has not shed a single hair"

"The tips are soft, with no scritch whatsoever"

"Despite its density and low loft, the knot exhibits excellent flow and release of lather"

High Mountain White -

"There is plenty of backbone without any, I mean zero, scritch."

"Lather is held by the hairs so it doesn't sink into the knot and is released easily during application"

I am very pleased to offer these high quality knots to accompany my handles. Just select the "Handle Only" option for the brush handle and select the knot from the "Premium Knots" category and note your preferred loft. These knots are also available individually under the "Premium Knots" category at http://www.eliterazor.com.

As always, thanks for looking,



Thanks, let me know when you're ready. In the meantime, I'll build more to further muddle the decision making.
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