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Magic the gathering

Anyone play. After 22 years of not playing, I’m picking it back up..
I do. I first played in the early-mid 1990s, during Revised/3rd Edition. Wish I had kept all my cards from back then, I could buy a car today. Got back in during the mid-2000s, with Kamigawa and Ravnica blocks. And then jumped back in again a year or so ago just before Core Set 2020 came out. Lots of different formats you can play in today. If you still have all your cards from back then, Legacy and Commander are formats to take a look at. The other popular ones are Modern, Pioneer, and Standard.
Another great place to jump back into the game for free and to relearn it all is the new online game Arena.

Also, one big change in the rules from when you last played: no more mana burn. That one was a surprise to me when I got back in. Also, planeswalkers are a new addition.
I look into some of the old cars and they are worth a lot. But, they went back and repainted some of the cards. Making them 1/4 -1/8 of that are worth. I bought 600 old Rares for 2.00 on the bay..I do it to play and not make money.


I recently moved back to PA and my Mom has slowly been dumping my old junk at my house. The Magic cards showed up a few months back. Haven’t gotten them out of storage yet, but looking forward to playing again!