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Lovely lather or superb soapy performance?

As a lover of lather - and fragrance - the practice of scuttle lathering shaving creams or soaps is simply wonderful. However, as I do like to experiment, I recently bought the Tabac Shaving Soap (Stick) for travel and face lathered whilst on a business trip. Although not providing the same creamy peaks, applying the soap directly to my face resulted in an exceptionally smooth shave which seemed to lubricate my face to new heights! Whilst I am certainly not going to give up the therapeutic use of my scuttle to whip up lather (!), I now question whether doing that is more fun for me than the fantastic performance from applying a soap - like Tabac - directly to my face. Any view here on the performance benefits of scuttle-based lathering or direct face/soap application? Of course, I could just face-lather all the time...but I do like the scuttle ritual!
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I like Cremo cream for that very reason - performance. The stuff doesn't really lather, but it does work nicely. Having said that, I also appreciate a nice warm soapy lather too.
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