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Looking for Corrugated drain cleaning jetter kit.

I just moving in to a new to me house. The last owner did not know the meaning of maintenance. The corrugated drain lines that the gutters are attached to are full of leaves and pipe needles. I am still trying to figure out where the drain lines run and the lengths of the runs. I have 7 clogged but not sure if it is a simple clog right as it goes in to the pipe or clogged all the way thru. I tried a basic 25' drain snake but in a 4" pipe once it hit the clog it was not stiff enough to push thru it or cork screw in to it.
I am looking to buy a sewer jetter kit to attach to my pressure washer.
Like this one:


Does anyone have any experience or info on them?
Thanks guys.
I don't have any specific advice, other than you may have a situation where you need to dig up that section of pipe, and potentially be willing to replace the whole line depending on its condition, or adding a clean out near where it is clogging up now. I can imagine it is difficult to know whether or not the drain was installed with the proper slope, whether there is belly in the line, root intrusions, freeze/bust during past winters, etc. Maybe you can estimate some of those things based on the age of the house, nearby landscaping, and whether there is also potentially a french drain attached to the line adding more organic matter.

Of course you are there and can tell more about than situation than someone sitting far away with little information. But as you mention I think it is important to find out where/how they discharge and work backwards from there as well.
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