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Long time member, first time poster checking in...

Hi all,

Been a member for a few years but never got around to actually getting into wet shaving. Have recently purchased a DE Razor and associated bits & peices and am loving it! Got a lot to learn, but these forums are a trove of knowledge. My initial purchasing decision was made after trawling for a few months, and I'm grateful to all the contributors who make this community so great.

I have a merkur 34c, been using proraso soap and a Vulfix pure badger brush. Trying out different blades, so far merkur, astra and derby, liked the derby but it left a lot of burn after three WTG passes. Now considering a Gillette SS as it seems to be a lot more forgiving... Also have some Musgo aftershave balsam in the post.

A few nicks and cuts here and there, but not as many as I was expecting! I have a little lump scar on my chin which is very difficult to avoid cutting. I'm not sure how to avoid it, if anyone has any tips.

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Welcome to B&B! I'm not sure I have any suggestions for handling scars and things of that sort. Maybe someone who does will chime in soon.
It looks like you have some very good equipment and are off to a good start. Watch you razor angle, that is the key to a really good (nonirritating) shave. I suggest that you place your razor on a flat surface with the blade barely touching. This is the perfect cutting angle for your razor. Look at the handle and remember how it looks in your hand, now repeat that angle the next time you shave. Good Luck!
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