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Loft Recommendations

I'm setting an 18mm Golden Nib knot, and Tony said it should be set at least 10mm into the handle, so a loft of 48mm. That's what I set my first restore at, but I'm thinking I want this next one to be a touch shorter. Have any of you gone much shorter that 48mm? Is there a minimum recommended loft for an 18mm knot?

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I just set two TNG, 24mm, super silvertip knots. One of the knots I set with a 56 mm loft and the second at 52mm. With that small difference in the depth, the brush feels totally different. i think that the 52 mm loft has become my favorite.

The only 18mm brush that I've made, I set at a 48mm loft. I can't picture it much less than 46mm, but hat's just my .02 worth.

I hope that this is helpful.
Now you've gone and done it. You've started me thinking about a new travel brush, an 18mm set at a 46mm loft.
I would also go closer to 46 or 45. I dont like a floppy brush. I have a 20mm finest set at 50 and its to floppy for me
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