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L'Occitane Green Tea

I picked up some of the L'Occitane Green Tea in the last B&B Decant. Anyone else have this? Thoughts? It is an interesting fragrance that I can't quite place all the parts of, but seems to last about 15 minutes and gone on me. Next up is going to be about 4 sprays I think...

I have some ....but not from the decant. I find it to be pleasant....and the scent lingers most of the day for me. Must be differing chemistry!!!

I usually have problems with colognes fading quickly, but L'Occitane Green Tea (not a decant) lasts very well for me.
I find it quite long lasting on me as well. Perhaps try an extra squirt or two. I really like the scent.
Well, this is interesting. I have been doing the spray and walk into it thing that I usually do mainly on the chest. I'll give it another go tomorrow. The scent is really pretty nice for warm weather - not heavy at all. I am having a hard time forming an opinion on it as I seem to get the top notes and then poof, gone, so I don't get the mid and base notes on it.

Gracias all -
I got some of this scent from the decant club, highly recommend this as a prefered method of obtaining great samples that can be used more than a few times so you can really get a good taste if you will like the scent. I found this scent, the Green Tea, to start off very nice but it dried down to a very floral scent on me which I found to be very unpleasant and caused a headache for me. I have never done well with floral scents though. This is just my experience and everyone's body chemistry is different so the scent will change to your own body.

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