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Local Stores in Minnesota?

I know I've posted this already, but I'd thought I'd post it in a more high traffice forum.

Can anyone help out a guy looking to buy razors, blades, creams locally in the Twin Cities area?

Well, since no one has replied to this thread, I took it upon myself to seek out stores. So far, all that I have found in the Twin Cities suburbs is a Crabtree and Evelyn store in the Southdale Center, Edina. I know I'm not the only Minnesotan here!
In my quest to find a great store that would take care of all my wet shaving needs I was unsuccessful. However I did find some small finds and have created a list of store and a general description of what they have.

Nordstroms - widest selection available - Art of Shaving products, Trufitt and Hill products / Brushes,Creams etc.

Target - Prosoto and one other brand (creams / soaps (and an unlabeled $40 save brush)

Crabtree and Evelyn - SouthDale and the Mall of America
(Creams / Soaps Brushes
TJMaxx - hit or miss - sometimes have CE creams for $8 near the colognes.

I am still looking for the ultimate store. If you know of one please PM or Email me.

Hope this helps!

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