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Liquid Metal Polish Question

GeeQue said:
Maas, Brasso or other suggestions ?

By hand -Mass by wheel red or black rouge.

Nickel is a funny metal no mater how shinny you make it -it will always blush after awhile sometimes overnight!

electroless plating is not that thick so go easy.

We are talking razors right?
Simichrome. Works like a charm, some say better than MAAS. I don't own MAAS, so I couldn't tell, but it is better than my Rex metal polish, both german...

Be careful on using Brasso, sometimes (depending on how well they have been plated) you can do more harm than good. Go easy not too much rubbing and pressure.
I find that immersing my razor in a some boiling water with a teaspoon of Dip-It (meant for cleaning percolators -- can be found in the coffee section of your grocery) works great. Comes out looking like new. Between such cleanings, usually when changing blades, I scrub it with a high tech looking toothbrush that my girlfriend found to be totally worthless on her teeth...
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