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I’ve shaved with “hard water” for more than 50 years. I wouldn’t know of the difference soft water makes, if any. I don’t overthink it. Lather obsession is yet another annoyance.

Slickness is what you’re looking for in lather. Billowing clouds of whipped cream is not. So long as you’re making slick lather you’re doing fine. Then again, I don’t have a YouTube channel.
True, my thoughts are people are overthinking things quite a lot.
I load my brush, ad some water and straight to the face. Works everywhere I do it and have never had a problem with lather.
Maybe I'm just lucky.
Use enough product and you'll be fine. A good lather shouldn't look like whipped cream. Or the shaving foam that comes out of a can. And you don't need much either.

Slickness is key. Lather should be moist and just shy of getting 'runny'. No 'peaks' like you see in many YT videos because they are just air. Moist lather can't hold peaks. For this, any source of clean water will do.

And if you insist on checking the water hardness in your area, just brew a plain old cup of tea. If there's lots of ' tea scum' floating on top, you have hard water. In any case, don't overthink it. Enjoy your shaves (and your tea).
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