Lapping film, try it.

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    I got some lapping film in a PIF a while ago, 4/8/16/30 equivalent grits. I use them on top of a lapped 8x3" hone, but any flat surface will do.
    They may not offer the sexy smooth feel of a big dollar hone, but man they are effective, and the edges off the "30k" film is not that unlike a $350 Shapton 30k edge. Yes really. I have the Shapton 30k.

    Quite impressed.

    Best "bang for buck" honing solution for sure.
  1. don't forget to put the wet paper under the film to "cushion" it while finishing....... makes a world of difference...
  2. That's what I've been telling folks for years...

    I happen to really like the velvety feel the lapping films have for feedback.

    Have you tried the wet paper under the finisher trick yet?
  3. Yeah, I did indeed try the wet paper under the finisher today, that may have been what triggered this tread! :smile:A truly superb edge. :smile:
  4. Mike H

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    Where do you guys buy this stuff?
  5. How much per year do those of you who use lapping film spend on the film? Just curious since I might give it a go, but I haven't done it yet since I am not sure of the costs.

    I have been looking at prices over at Thorlabs.
  6. Thorlabs, Amazon and Bestsharpeningstones (link) have them. I have 12, 6, 3, 1, 0.3 micron sheets and have honed over ten razors including setting bevel on the 12ยต. The piece of 1 micron is about worn out but the others look good. Sheets can be cut in three or four pieces.
  7. .... is there a video of this anywhere so i know what you guys are talking about?
  8. A video of honing on film or a pic/video of the lapping film?
  9. ...oops......i guess i should have clarified.........i meant of lapping film........
  10. Wid


    What micron size is it that equals to the 30K stone?
  11. around 0.5 methinks
  12. I dont' have a video but here is a pic of my lapping film/hone.

    Yellow is 12 micron (about 1200 grit, used for setting bevels)
    Brown is 6 micron (diamond)
    Pink is 3 micron
    Green is 1 micron
    White 0.3 micron

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  13. Nice setup Noah! the Marble tile can be had for minimum cost at any home improvement store. I am gonna have to try this stuff!

  14. I switched to lapping film after reading some of Seraphim's other posts - works great! Now, what to do with all the rocks I purchased?
  15. Pretty new to straights and really new to honing. Am I correct in understanding that these lapping films basically replace the different grit stones?

    So you buy a slab of scrap marble or stone from home improvement store, get the film wet, lay it on the slab and hone on it just like a normal stone?
  16. Yes, exactly.
  17. The film doesn't slide around on the marble? What grit would be good for touching up a razor that's been honed recently?
  18. Then why would you ever buy honing stones for $$$......:confused:
  19. I'm so lazy. I've had a sampler of film at my house that a friend gave me for months that I still haven't gotten around top trying. I really need to get off my but and give it a whirl.

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