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First time with lapping film

Slash McCoy

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It would be really interesting to see what you can do with this. The only problem is see is to get the film to fit over a curved surface. Is there any elasticity in these lapping films?
No. It bends freely but will not stretch. So you can lay it on a plate that is convexed in only one dimension but not two. You can convex side-side, or end-end, but not both. Me, I wouldn't bother and I certainly can't recommend it to a beginner but it could be an interesting experiment. Noobs shouldn't experiment. They should get right on with it and make some professional grade or better edges before going off on tangents, and this is most easily done by doing exactly what others who get great results, do.

Too much convex could make the edge of the film come up off the plate and let air under it. So the convexing should be very subtle, particularly at the ends of the plate.
I've had another play with the film (no curve yet) -- I have slightly refined the method as I do a 'stropping' pass right at the very end -- very lightly pass the blade on the film, with the trailing edge --, I'm not sure if that helps, but the latest razor I've made is the belated 'Dovo Master's' I had so many problems with until I fixed the geometry.

Now with the filmed-edge it's an *amazing* shave, very very impressed at the ease of use, and the result I get from such an easily available film. I haven't changed my stropping canvas/leather method (change one variable at a time :))
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