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Know any Vegans? Just in time for Holiday Gifts!

Chatting with Charles he happened to mention that Omega has some new brush offerings:
Charles at QED said:
We now have in stock a very small supply of Omega's new synthetic hair shaving
brushes done in the exact same style, size and colors (black, red, white) as the
natural boar bristle brushes we offer from them [see attached photo of the boar

The hair on the new synthetics is white. These are brushes of healthy proportions
and I find they perform quite nicely. Not bad for the chap who cannot spend a lot
of money yet wants a decent performance. Omega describes the hair as follows:

After some years in development, Omega is now proud to offer synthetic hair shaving
brushes, whose quality is very similar to pure bristles. Synthetic fibers need
little shave cream and after first shaving keep enough lather for a second closer
shave, even without adding water. It is also very easy to clean the hair and keep
it clean, for a long-lasting hygiene. Comes in individual hard plastic tube.

Price = $7.95

Regards from the gang
... at QED

Here is something that is big, well-made, functional and inexpensive. Also, might be a good starter brush for someone to test whether or not he is really interested in making WetShaving a career.
Certainly worth giving them a shot. Might be good to have one in the house for guests if nothing else..
Scotto said:
So if we stay over we have to use that? :cursing:
Well, for our NY visitors, accustomed as they are to nothing but the best, we have the SR3124 guest brush.::blushing:
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