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King Farouk's Razors.

I was watching an interesting show on the National Geographic Channel last night. It concerned the 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin. Apparently they were all melted down by order of the government. A few got out. One of them ended up in the Hands of King Farouk of Egypt in the 1940's. To make a long story short, Farouk was a collector of many objects. Along with coins he had a tremendous collection of watches, pornography and of interest to this forum, antique Razors. When he was deposed in 53, the Egyptian government auctioned off his collection in a massive sale in 1954. The United States government had an interest in the double eagle, the UK had interest in the pornography collection, of why I am not sure, but nothing was mentioned in the show about the Razor collection. I am now attempting to find this out. Some sources state that Farouk collected Razor Blades, some Razors. As he was a collector in the 1940's I doubt he was collecting Antique Razor Blades, more likely Razors. As I find more I will share with this forum. If any one knows of any information, please add it to this post, thanks.
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