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Kim divorces Kanye...


George Bailey Fanboy
Keep an eye on his bipolar issues.

I'm with @Alacrity59 though. A marriage is sometimes ugly, and sometimes VERY ugly. But to me it is intended to be forever. "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder."

Of course, that's an easier quote to live out for guys like me that married better than they deserved, and are just barely smart enough to know it.

It also doesn't hurt that she's got SO much dirt on me....
I really thought those two crazy kids were made for each other . . . him with all the talent in the world, but crazier than a s***house rat, while she has no discernable gifts beyond an ability to market herself.


George Bailey Fanboy
Thank you for reminding us that even the silliest of celebrities deserve our sympathy in troubling times.
Amen. don't trifle with ANY vows you take, because the One that you are making the vows before don't trifle.

This is why I haven't written my book yet: what if it is a hit, I have to have a book tour, I get famous, and the whole world finds out what youse guys knew all along. That I am crazier than a bat guano sniffer!

Better for all concerned that I just become that crazy old coot that smiles to himself in the corner.
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