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Kent BK12 for 192 in Toronto!!!

Hey Folks
For those of you in the Greater Toronto Area, Tobacco Haven, a shop situated in the Atrium on Bay Mall, stocks a variety of wet shaving tools and supplies including:

-Kent brushes, soaps, creams Merkur DE Razors
-D.R. Harris soaps and sticks
-Conk soaps
-Truefitt and hill colognes, aftershaves and scuttles
-and other soaps, creams and shaving accessories.

I was in there a couple days ago and I felt as though I was in a flea market. Upon asking if there was a sale, the East Indian gentleman responded "I will make you a sale!"

Below are some of the deals:

25% off D.R. Harris soaps that lists for $25

50% off Truefitt & Hill scuttle that lists for $120 - only $60 dollars after the discount!!

30% off Kent BK12 that lists for $275 - only 192 plus tax - an unheard of price for a brush of this quality!

These are great prices relative to Fendrihan's.

It is apparent that these people are desperate to get rid of their merchandise to make their expensive downtown rent. They are willing to offer a discount on virtually everything shaving related and will likely give deals that can be had no where else.

So check them out but please exercise discretion when haggling and do not take too much advantage of their desperation. We are lucky to have a store that stocks wet shaving supplies in Toronto and profiting too much off someones desperation is just wrong!
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