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just one brush

Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic
1) Super soft and luxurious
2) Nice amount of backbone
3) Synthetic durability

It surprised me that several people chose a Kent as their favorite, not because it's not a good brush, but rather because they don't get talked about much on the forum lately. I used to have a BK4 many years ago and over the past 6 months or so have had the itch to try one again. The folks choosing a Kent in this thread have inspired me to order another BK4, which I just did a few minutes ago. Also, since Kent had announced that they were not going to make Badger brushes anymore, I figured I better get one while I still can.
For several months I've been exclusively using a "Frankenbrush" I bought off Etsy. It's a Ever Ready 100T handle with a synthetic knot. I don't know who made the knot, it's probably a generic made in China one, but it's very comfortable. But the star of the show is the handle. The 100T is the best, most comfortable handle I've ever used. I have been strongly considering finding another (or the 200T, which is just a different color scheme) to make a travel brush, or at least rotate with my current.
Not one, two. One for hard soap (Kent Infinity, the smaller one), and one for softer soaps and creams (Maggard 22mm synthetic). I do have a third brush for travel which lives in the washbag, mainly so I don't forget to pack one of the other two.

For me, brushes are the least interesting part of the shaving kit. I just want something that works. However, it depends what I'm making lather from, as to what's going to work best for me, hence having two.
Simpson Chubby 1 in Best.

And this despite having a bunch of brushes, including one of the famed M&F Chief Group Buy brushes from a few years ago.

I sometimes pull out an old Semogue or Omega for nostalgia but ALWAYS return to the CH1.

Today I used a Semogue 1470. I had put it in a box of stuff to sell. Not because I didn't like it, but just because I didn't think it was really The One. I like all of my brushes to seem like The One, even though I keep a handful in use. Well, the lather was insanely good, facefeel was perfect, and I found myself mid-shave thinking, I could sell the rest and just use this sub-$15 boar.

The key, beyond it being a good brush: familiarity. I have used it enough that I just know how it will perform with a given amount of water and loading.

The ones that could be The One: Shavemac 2-band silvertip fan, Semogue Mistura, Omega 10066, Semogue 1470, Edwin Jagger XL STF, Semogue 1250
I’m only 3 months into this wet shaving adventure. My first brush was a Simpson milk churn. Then I bought a semogue 610. I find that I use my boar brush the most. Again, I’m a newbie at this. However if I had to pick one brush it would be my boar brush. I like the way it feels on my face, the backbone it has. In a few months I might like something else. For now it would be my semogue. 4C2778F5-D4FE-4FAA-8F44-4BFF11992CF1.jpeg