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Just got in a bottle of Aspect Edt...

This stuff ROCKS! For those of you that like a woodsy scent...this is IT!

Deep woods comes right out of the bottle and lasts and lasts. I'll post a thorough review after about a week or so...but as usually, Saint Sue comes through HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! :w00t:
Just googled it and found nothing. Just checked basenotes and found nothing. What is it? And just found it!!! Saint Sue!! I will check now! Can you give it more of a review for us? Thanks, John
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I have a sample. It's really nice, clean and woody without the wierd overtones that Grafton has (which make me sneeze).

Give me a couple of days to wear it and I'll give a thorough review...probably early next week.

But Saint Sue has a winner here...
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