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Just back from Paris...

First of congratulation, as a man who himself got married in Paris, I can only applaud. There is nothing like Ile Saint Louis for a perfect moment ... I would guess that the weather did not lend itself to a pic nic by the River ... We did cap our weeding that was a small 10 guess ceremony by a champagne drink in the Opera area as well as dinner at a 13th district institution , Chez Gladines ... As for Men store, there is no lack of cool place, BHV pour hommes is one of them as well in the marais area but well too late for the idea at this point ... cheers to your bride and yourself ...
Merci beaucoup. For next time.
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Ah the City of Light. Romance, cuisine, wine, Joie de Vivre... and Planete Rasoir. Went to Paris with my significant other to have a commitment ceremony just for ourselves. We've been a couple to 10 years, it seemed time to make it more official but we are in our 40s, have both been married, have been caring for kids and my elderly father and decided enough was enough, we would be indulgent and selfish and go to Paris for a ceremony and vacation by ourselves. Neither of us had previously been to Paris and we have a French dog, so it was perfect. I also quietly and not so quietly longed to shop for European shaving products and equipment. She was not surprised and surprisingly supportive, as she always is.

Now to the report card: I give it a solid B. I had high hopes for the trip in regards to finding all manner of scents and soaps but was a little disappointed. Also didn't find a much in the way of equipment, although Planéte Rasoir was amazing and very tempting.

Now for the haul:View attachment 1406707
So, you see before you examples of most of what was purchased. I did get another MdC scent, Original, and 3 bowls of Monsavon. The Monsavon I am moving into glass jars with flip tops and gaskets to prevent drying out. Just so happens that the jars I have are French as well, La Parfait. Should work perfectly.

The Emerald Water and the Benedictine after shave were both purchased at the L'Artisanat Monastique, a wonderful shop that supports the Monastic missions throughout Europe and Africa. The Emerald water smells interesting and feels good. I've only used it for one shave but my face felt great after a touch and go shave with a razor I was unfamiliar with.

My disappointment came when I couldn't find much of the previously talked about soaps. I couldn't find Pre de Provence, Tadé, and other European shaving products anywhere. I went to multiple pharmacies and multiple grocers without luck. Planéte Rasoir had some things but mostly things that I could get online. They did have the Valobra soft soap which I did not buy but now regret not getting.

Planéte Rasoir was impressive. If you have a chance visit, I would do it without hesitation. They were friendly and knowledgeable and even with the language barrier, my lack of French and the salesperson's broken English, we still were able to enjoy the shaving talk. She tempted me with straight razors, Thiers Issards with NOS blades made especially for the shop and beautiful razors with gorgeous scales that were priced accordingly but I showed some gentlemanly restraint and did not purchase. I am primarily a DE shaver but have recently acquired two straights to attempt to learn the skill. I was also interested in the Plissons but the bride was falling asleep in a comfy chair and I felt like I had kept her in the shop long enough. Also would have liked to get a shave there but time did not allow.

All in all a wonderful trip. The ceremony meant the world and the shopping wasn't bad either. See the picture below for and idea of what the ceremony was like. The photo was made by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer David Turnley, who was walking by and moved by our simple symbolic act at the location of his marriage 30 yrs prior. We were blessed by the three photos he made of us and by the Violinist, Daniel Garlitsky, who the officiant knew and was able to secure at short notice. We didn't know at the time but Daniel is a composer/conductor currently in residence at the Paris Conservatory. We are so blessed.View attachment 1406728

Awww, thats so sweet ❤️

Looks like you both had a wonderful time in Paris. Lets hope for many more years of happiness! :)
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