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Japanese Steel

Official kick off of Japanese Steel Week with this citrus bomb on April 1! Manuel's lime and menthol monster combined with Agua de Limón made for a very refreshing shave. The edge on the Houken was what you'd expect for yasuki: superb, and the shave very satisfying! :)

Kyoei 39, Yasuki steel.

I think 共栄 means "mutual prosperity" or something along those lines.
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Ask me about shaving naked!
Orihi (gutter type) kamisori, this is one of 3 sets that I’ve seen. The eBay seller stated that his father was a marine and brought it back from Peleliu in WW2. I asked if he knew where on Peleliu that it was found, with the idea of maybe returning it to the soldier’s family, but he said that his father would not talk about the battle. It’s a self-contained set, with a hone in the bottom compartment, a nagura, and 3 razors. The set went to Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and finally to me. Other than cleaning it up and cutting a replacement Tsushima nagura for it, it‘s close to original though one of the razors is not original to the set.

Perfectworks Suzuki ‘66

This came from eBay and was my first Japanese razor. It’s got a bit of pitting but cleaned up nicely with good steel at the edge. I love the edge but I’m torn on the short length. Some places I wish it was regular length and other places I like how maneuverable it is. It’s definitely one of my favourite razors.

I took it back to 3k, then 8k and finished on my Jnat. Really comfortable edge.

Iwasaki kamisori

This is the 2nd of my two Japanese razors, I’ve only owned it for a couple months and I’m not 100% comfortable with it yet. Still feels awkward in places. It was still a great shave though, even if it took longer than normal.

It was basically new when I got it, the previous owner said he only used it 5 or 6 times and realized it wasn’t for him.

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