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Visiting Tokyo December, what to buy there?

As stated im off to Tokyo with work for a week in December.
The land of the rising sun has a great reputation for steel, razors, knives, kamisori, sharpening stones, whisky and who knows what else.
I’d like to buy a souvenir while I’m there hopefully shaving related.
I know a lot of the old jnat mines are closed but I’d love to buy a stone and a razor out there. Maybe a pocket knife or a kamisori, or anything edge related really.
Can anyone recommend anything/anywhere I might try while there?
Any shops, streets, markets etc?
Is straight razor shaving a thing out there? Or would you spend time searching antique stores (always assuming they have those)?
I’ll try the local whisky and maybe bring back a bottle or two but it’s the steel and stone I’m mostly interested in.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
You might look for some Macallan Scotch. They have it in Japan as they have bought much of the stock. Japanese purchases of 25 year Macallan have raised the price from $250 per bottle to $3,000 per bottle. Anyway, that is what I would look for. And yes, I would look for steel and stones.


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A week (working) in Tokyo does not give you a lot of time to look around. It would be best if you could work with a SR shaver who lives in Tokyo who has already done the legwork for you. Not easy to do as SR shavers in Tokyo are few and far between.

I would aim for a good kamisori and possibly a few Jnats. Best of luck.
Never been to Tokyo but 2 places come to mind if I ever make it there.
A. Morihei
B. This sushi restaurant I follow on IG.

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Be sure to stop in a 7-11 (yeah, they got them there) and grab a pack or 17 of the Kai all metal single blade disposable razors. Excellent for traveling around by air if you are trying to go carry-on only. I have never seen them outside of Japan.
I visited Tokyo on business 21 years ago, and had the same idea as you about looking for a knife (wasn't a DE shaver at that time). I stayed in the Ginza district and found a knife shop there that had the most beautiful knives I've ever seen. There was one that I remember specifically, a highly-polished piece with jade handle scales. The price was stratospheric, but it sure was nice to look at. I'm not sure of the shop name, but it might be Ginza Knife Shop.

I bought this Hiro pocketknife as both souvenir and utilitarian EDC:


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