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Israeli on Ebay

anyone else out there by blades from this seller- dssokhey -on Ebay? I have and I must say This Guy must have hand delivered them to my mailbox. I placed the order on Thurs PM & the pkg was in my mailbox on Mon. His prices are the lowestout there and the service cant be beat
Everyone buys from him. The blades are good and sometimes he even runs specials. Check around holidays.
Welcome to B&B, btw.
I have also noticed a marked price difference between the "israeli blades and" israeli persona blades" is there any actual difference between the two?
No difference at all.
If I remember correctly - Personna bought an existing Israeli razor blade company. They have factories around the globe just like Gillette. Some are better than others, just like Gillette.
It will depend on your razor and technique but some people prefer the Israeli blades over Merkur.
I have gotten used to Feather and can't remember how the rest of them shave. I still haven't tried the Swedish Gillettes because it's so much easier for me to find Feathers.
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