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Newish Safety Shaver

Hey guys. I'd been using Gillette Sensor cartridges, then disposable Sensor, for 45 years. It was ok, I have ok skin. But I was very tired of cleaning clogged blades, or dragging the crap over my skin; all the friction; still not getting a close or good shave; etc. I'd been thinking of safety razors for a long time but I hadn't seen one since my dad's in our weird-coloured bathroom in the 70s. He had an Old Spice cup for soap, a Gillette Rocket razor, some Tabac and Old Spice aftershaves. I hardly touched any of it for fear of getting whacked, and those blades were super sharp and a little scary. But even as a kid, I thought his kit was cool: elegant and masculine.

I had a couple derelict brushes and soaps lanquishing in a bathroom drawer. A couple months ago I ditched my gel and started lathering with the brush and soap but still wasn't shopping for a new shaving system, money is tight these days. I was talking with my brother, I found out he had been wet shaving for eight years. He had a whole inventory of razors, etc. that he had acquired in that time. He sent me a fantastic care package of shaving stuff, including a chrome Wilkinson TTO razor.

It's been so fun! Great shaves and the stuff is really cool. My brother sent me care package no. 2, this time with a Edwin Jagger DE89. I'm trying to be methodical in my approach to all this, sticking with one blade and one soap, getting to know these razors. I'm about 20 shaves in.

I got some money this month. I just placed my first order of new stuff with my online seller. So in a couple days, I'll be receiving a new, basic razor with 2 extra, alternate heads. I'm also interested in vintage Gillette, so I purchased 3 razors from eBay too. I'm getting a worn but good-shape 1950s Ball End Tech, a shiney 1956 B2 Super Speed, and a shiney Rocket. The Rocket was misidentified, it's actually a 1951 W2 Super Speed. And yes, it's shiney but missing an end cap. The '51 has the older, straight handle but the head is supposedly the same as the '56. It'll be interesting to see if these two good Super Speeds shave the same.

Anyway, that's my story. And thanks for sharing your interest and expertise. Cheers gents.


I shaved a fortune
Welcome to the B&B community. It’s nice you have a brother who can help guide you along the way. Add in the knowledge here and you’re off to a great start.
Welcome from western North Carolina. Glad you made the switch and thanks for sharing your story. It will be nice to follow your new adventure.
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