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Is this a Norfolk or Tuckaway?

Got this uncased razor and blade case in excellent condition. It has a Tuckaway handle, but a NEW head. Does that make it a Norfolk?

Chris, yes I think it's a Norfolk.

It might also be the ladies version, that comes in a plastic case. Rodd would know for sure.
It does look like Rodd's 3rd photo. But it also looks like Achim's New Deluxe Lady Gillette. Ally you need now is the pristine Jade case and the mailer in perfect condition.
I like this thread. :biggrin: Could be either a New Norfolk Deluxe or a New Milady. If it came with that blade case my guess would be a Milady, but either way, fantastic score.

I suspect that it is New Deluxe Milady missing its case. It looks exactly like that in the picture from Achim's site. Of course the New Deluxe Norfolk may be the exact same razor, too.
I'll be in Berlin on business later in the year. Any shaving sites to visit? I thought I would go Irisch Moos hunting!
Beautiful set!!! Looks like we are seeing more than one serious Gillette collection in Berlin.... :cool:

Thank you. I think you're right about Berlin.
I have seen a lot yours beautiful Gillettes posted on this forum - you do have a great collection and your sets are all in the mint condition. Great!
What is the difference in the Norfolk razor and the Milady razor in the pictures above. How would you tell the two razors apart?
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