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Introducing the Blackland Era - 100% stainless steel. 3D printed. $75

I appreciate all the support, everyone! This reception has been overwhelmingly positive and that's an amazing feeling after putting some much effort into this project. Very grateful for the open arms from the community.

If I haven't already plugged it, I'll be live on Facebook tomorrow at 4pm PDT hanging out and answering more Era questions. Hope to see you there!
Shane,. I just wanted to say that while many new design concepts are focused on trying to perfect every aspect of the shave, thus inadvertently creating a bland 'new' razor that is just an average of everything that came before it, you have gone the extra mile AND I for one, really appreciate the approach of solving a few problems (like handle slippage) by giving the razor very unique characteristics. Who can forget Segal, Toggle etc? People remember razors that had character. Razors that dared to solve fewer problems and we're instead, just cool in their own regard. Razors that just 'were'. Also I can't not own one for that very generous price.
These are very exciting times for me, and maybe for many of us, I think. In this hobby, if we can call it a hobby, there's been a void that needed to be filled. And who better to do that than someone with an innovative approach. @Blackland Razors has set the bar pretty high, but most importantly, Blackland has filled that empty space. Razors old and new, in many ways are still made the same way. The new, well-machined (think CNC ) razors are crazy expensive, and the poorly made razors (mostly copycats) just get in the way. Metal stamping, casting, milling, and grinding is a craft for many of us and I don't think is going anywhere anytime soon. Removing metal little by little and shaping it into a razor head has been done before and it's nothing new, but it's still very cool. 3D Metal Printing is the future, and so far on the other side of the spectrum. Shane @Blackland Razors has nicely brought this technology to the hobby, but most importantly, has brought us something new. The possibilities are now endless. Oh, and if you want a top or bottom-heavy handle, or just a lighter handle, no problem, 3d metal printing makes it possible. Congrats, Shane! I knew this day would come.
are the marketing pics on the website purposefully "dark"?
it's tough to get a good look at the detailing of the razor,
the way these photos are lit (or, not lit, more accurately...);
but maybe since it's pre-release, the "mystery" of these photos is intentional?
I hope some sellers import it to Europe as soon as it comes out, it looks perfect for me although I would have preferred the color of bare steel, but in black it is still beautiful.
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