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Ingram shave cream

Hello everyone,

I got a tube of ingram shave cream from a Bodycare shop in England some months ago. I tried to use it today and although it had a very refreshing feeling - very good for summer - it failed to make any lather independent of the quantity I was trying to put. I have never seen such a behaviour with a shave cream. Is this a faulty batch or there is any different way to lather it? Thank you!

Kind regards,
I am afraid it is a dud. Ingram in the UK ceased to exist a few years back and the only way to get some was the Egyptian version. Recently the Uk rights were bought by another company and the reformulated brand was relaunched. I know of no one who has been able to lather it and I am not sure if there is menthol in it. That was one of the main things in the original
I cleaned out my then local branch of Superdrug a few years ago when they stocked Ingrams and have a few unopened tubes. Disappointing to read and see that the newer U.K. reformulated cream is a dud. The older product was very easy to lather, even though the cream had turned into more of a liquid from the tube as Paul H mentioned in that video.
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That's a good point. I haven't seen it in the wild (although I did recently discover someone stocking Erasmic in my town) but maybe the new Ingram is meant to be used brushless.

Does it shave okay just massaged on for slickness?
I gave up on the UK version after the second tube of watery , unusable " substance " ... The Egyptian Ingrams is fantastic , and I have only tried the green label . If you look around you may be able to find Egypt's other fabulous creams ....You can also request them from any Egyptian online vendor ...


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