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Indigo Wild

I recently received some body soap from a company named Indigo Wild. This company is based out of Kansas City. Their soaps can be purchased on-line www.indigowild.com or through natural health food stores like Whole Foods. Their products are the most moisturizing and lubricating that I have come across period and are made with goat’s milk, glycerin, soy wax, meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter and essential oils and are all natural and certified organic. The scents are down right intoxicating. I even tried shaving with one of the body bars and received an excellent shave and did not need any after shave moisturizer. In addition to the soap line they offer several different product lines including colognes, moisturizers, a men’s line along with a lot more really cool products. I would highly recommend this company.

Scale Based on 1-10, 10 being the best

Price 8
Quality 10
Scent 10+
Lather 9.5
Efficacy 10
Moisturizing 10+
Customer Service 10+ (Customer service is great they really understand the products and will make recommendations based on any skin issues you may have)
I've seen these soaps at either the local Whole Foods or Central Market. I have actually bought a bar and it's somewhere under my sink. I think I will try to find it and give it a test drive. Thanks for the review.
Cool, I've never heard of this company before and they're only about 10 miles from home.

It appears they welcome shoppers to visit their factory;
Might have drop by and take a look around.

Thanks for the heads-up

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