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In UK, no Nancy Boy cream available, made my own!

I'm still new to all this and I keep reading about the Nancy Boy cream with its wonderful aroma. No sign of it in Britain so I've made my own!

I picked up a tube of Palmolive the other day, £1.10 at the discount smellies shop in Cheltenham. It shaves well, plenty of lather, boring aroma. A woman friend of mine is keen on aromatherapy so I go raiding her supply of essential oils.

I squeezed out about half a tube into a small, wide mouth jar then put about ten drops each of lavender, peppermint and rosemary oils in then stirred it all in with a cocktail stick. Had a sniff and added a few drops more until it smelled good to me. I don't have the real thing to compare it with of course.

I tried it this morning and it's excellent! There's even a slight refreshing tingle to it so perhaps I put too much of one in, probably the mint.

I think it could do with a touch more lavender so I'll have to buy a bottle as I used the last of my friend's supply!

Give it a try!


To me the peppermint is the dominant scent in the NB cream and it does produce a very nice "cooling" effect. There are others here who have a better "nose" for picking out the various scents, so maybe they can chime in as well. But I smell the peppermint first, the lavender next and then the rosemary. It is one of the "cleanest" scents in shave creams I have used and I really love the performance of the lather. However, I think you made an excellent choice for "scenting" your own shave cream by using the Palmolive. Your description of "boring" certainly fits the Palmolive, but it does make a great performing lather in my opinion.

Another great cream to use as a base, if it is available in the UK, would be "Kiss My Face," as they have an unscented version and KMF gets really good reviews here on performance and it is inexpensive comapared to most of the English creams. It is available here in most health/whole food stores for about 3 dollars a tube.

Now, if only Nancy Boy made an unscented cream, it would be great for the create your own fragrance bunch!
Definitely peppermint as the dominate scent. It is tempered by the other scents as PottyDoc mentioned.

It really is more complex than just straight peppermint, since this would become rather boring just by itself.

It is a wonderful cream.

I was thinking that a touch more peppermint wouldn't hurt it.

It's certainly a fun way to liven up cheap, good but boring creams! I think I might squeeze out the rest of the tube into my little jar and make a 100gm tub!

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