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In the market for a new shave brush

hey all, i'm in need of some counsel as to purchasing a new shave brush as a part of an overhaul of some old equipment. i use shave soaps, english creams and proraso (red tube) in my rotation, but my poor best badger brush has just about had it and i want me a nice silvertip. are there any silvertips that anyone can recommend that can work efficiently with all three aforementioned shaving products, or is it a good idea to buy multiple brushes for different products? any advice i get would be great.


P.S. - my birthday is coming up, so let's set a price limit of...oh, i don't know...the sky. =)
I don't think you can go too far wrong with the Kent BK range. They're relatively cheap but and are probably more suited to use with creams as they's quite floppy but I use mine with both.

I totally agree with Jonnybc, Kent brushes are great and not very expensive. I own a BK4 and I definitly love it.
For the Muehle-Pinsel brushes, I ordered yesterday a handmade silvertip and I will receive it next week. So, If you wait for a few days, I will be able to give a short review of the brush.

But, if the only limit is the sky, you have Simpson, Rooney or Plisson.
I have a Simpsons Chubby 2 best, I bought it for 175€ and really, I think it's a waste of money. You can find great brushes for less than that price.

Offortunately, I never used a Shavemac but the reviews on B&B are always good.

I hope this help you.

A silvertip Shavemac or Savile Row would easily satisfy your needs/wants. If, however, you really want to treat yourself, go for a Simpson's PJ2 or PJ3 silvertip. Truly a superb brush.
I recently purchased a Simpsons PJ3 Super and couldn't be happier. The bristles are densely packed, soft on the face (good for creams), yet still firm (good for soaps).

Its a super brush, and makes me happy each morning.
Saville Row if money is an issue....However, why not wait for the B&B proto brush to be unveiled? For at/under $100, I have a feeling this thing is not going to be beat anywhere.

But if you must get one pronto, then a Saville Row SR-208 from Charles at QED for $59.00 is the way to go.
roughrider said:
Who's got the best deal goin' on the Simpson PJ2 and PJ3 brushes?

The two best places to look at Lee's and the gentlemans shop. Lee guarantee's the lowest price though - and is stateside, which makes things easier/faster.
Shane said:
i've decided on this guy here: http://shavemac.com/index.php?lang=en&area=men&sel=2&cat=5&product=173&prod_id=2

i'm purchasing it within the next week. i'm pretty excited about it! when i have the funds, i'll continue to buy other brushes, but for now this should definitely do. thanks for the help!



Imo you bought yourself a benchmark brush regarding price/quality ratio; there isn't better than Shavemac or Savile Row; i consider these brands even better than Kents, which are very well made shaving brushes; but really i like the light bulb shape and the densely packed loft of the former; Kents tend to splay out more on your face and are more flexible.

Enjoy your beauty and beware of SBAD:biggrin: (but i guess you're already thinking about purchasing a Simpsons PJ...:biggrin: )


I didn't know that about Lee. I do know that his posted prices are considerably higher than Emily's. E.g., Lee's chubby #1 super is $225, Em's is $174.50. Duke #3 - $145 vs. $124.75. I would think he'd lose a lot of sales doing business that way. Most people are smart enough to comparison shop; how many know enough to call and "haggle" with Lee?

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