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I think I just had my closest, most comforable, and best shave ever.

Ihadn't shaved in almost 72 hours. I had just finished a lot of physical labour helping a friend move and was sweating profusely. After this I soaked in a hot bath for about half an hour (something I rarely do these days), getting tons of heat and steam. Then, with a good later of Taylor Of Old Bond Street Eaton College I shaved with almost no pressure using my Merkur Futur set at about 3.

I like the Futur alot. Not my all time favourite, but I still think its great. I couldn't believe how totally smooth and irritation free it was.

I've always found that shaves are better if I have not shaved for a day or two. And clearly there were other factors here. But I simply cannot replicate these conditions every day. I ususally shave every day, and I have only 10-15 minutes to do it. I know you should shower first, but I prefer to shower after shaving in the hot weather.

But once in a while, like today, its great to do.
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