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I am too experienced to be asking this. When do you know its time to throw a blade away?

In my years of wet shaving, I have always liked swapping blades to ever see what it feels like when a blade needs changing. I was always a bit worried that a dull blade would cause irritation to my already sensitive skin so I never wanted to take a blade there. I use a blade maybe 3-4 shaves max. So how does one really tell when a blade has had enough?
You first need to know how you expect the blade to perform, that requires consistent technique and swapping between razors can pollute that. Generally, tugging is a sure way to know. But the problem is you may get two or more iffy shaves before the tugging is really apparent, slow decline on some blades. Also, your technique might adapt by shortening strokes without thinking about it so you need to pay attention. Some times you need to push a new blade once to find the limit, but if you are getting many more shaves than expected before trouble shows up then at some point you may have to call it. Some blades will get rough and have a noticeably bad edge under magnification which nobody looks at ahead of time. It's usually too late for your skin once you notice so the best you can do is make a note not to push certain blades like Feathers or some really cheap ones.

This is always a relevant question to be pondering, especially for straight shavers. I think about this more now than I have in the past because I am getting more shaves than expected in the last several months.
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Yea when you look at all the things you pay attention to in wet shaving (picking a razor, mild to aggressive, brush types, blades, lather techniques, pre, and post-shave techniques, etc.) I gotta say, caring about what a blade feels like when I should throw it out has never been a concern. I swap razors, blades, brushes, and soaps so much that it really causes too many variables.
I use my blades until their sharpness noticeably degrades. I get anywhere from 12 to 30 shaves from a single blade. I enjoy my shaves. I don't do anything special. I take my razor apart and rinse everything off then lay it out to dry in pieces. I used to flip blades, but, I don't keep track anymore. I use Wizamets, Perma-Sharps, Often vintage blades. Right now I am using 1960's Gillette "Spoilers". Shave 14 was sharp and smooth, but, it took a bit more effort to hack away at ten days growth yesterday. I will shave sooner next time. Give it less work and see how it performs. It may be nearing the end of it's life which would surprise me with these blade's reputation.
I have gotten really picky myself about how the blade feels, DE edges are harsher than straights. While at the same time lasting longer. I guess once you get enough things dialled in, thinking about the blade becomes something you think about when things go wrong because you are pretty sure you didn't screw something up. Most newbies are told that they did something wrong and keep using a blade they hate.
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I change them every sunday
If I shave avwry day, or 2 times per week, still on sunday
If I travel, I remove blade, put new one when I get there, untill sunday
Some blades get rough after 3-4 uses, they get changed 2 times per week, I use them 2 weeks nad if they behave like that, never again
Lol. I have bad short term memory so I don't keep track of how many times I've used a blade. I just go until the blade doesn't cut well. It'll cut but tugs on the hair. I use Nacet blades the most. If I had to guess I'd say I get probably 5-7 shares before swapping to a new one.

I hope this helps.
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I change it when it no longer performs well. I usually get at least 2 weeks out of a blade. A few have lasted for a month. I do not have coarse whiskers.

My current blade (vintage Schick Krona) is on shave # 26, and it's still giving me excellent shaves. I think that's why they stopped making it. It never wears out.
I'm still a noob but through trial and error I've learnt that I can get at least 7 good shaves in all my small collection of razors with the blades I use even on rotation. So after the 7th save I just change the blade to me its not worth a bad shave with irritation and weepers for the sake of a couple of cents/pence pushing a blade beyond what I know works for me.
The best time to replace a blade is BEFORE it gives me a bad shave. ;)

Feather DE blades = 3 shaves
Other DE blades = 5 shaves
AC blades = 7 - 8 shaves
GEM blades = 8 - 10 shaves
For me it's typically:

Feather DE blades = 2 shaves
Other DE blades = 3 shaves

Beyond that the blade tends to tug instead of gliding. The razor does have an effect here, though. With a mild razor it's generally less noticeable that you're dragging a dull blade over your face.
It's pretty simple really. I throw a blade away when a full hollow is honed down to a wedge or the blade width gets to less than ⅜, whichever comes first. It normally takes about 50k to 200k shaves.
What if it is a 3/8 to start with? Looking at you, Heljestrand MK24 3/8 and KIFA Eskilstuna. Both very sharp and useable. Some people, not me, actually say they like them.

For a DE blade, I used to change them when they stopped cutting well. Be that during the first pass of the first shave or after 50 or more shaves. Tugging or not as close as I expect are causes for replacement in my opinion.
For what these things cost….one and done for me.



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Change them whenever you want — who’s going to stop you? If it’s not doing what you want how you want it, get yourself a blade that will. Whether it’s a 1/4 through your first pass or shave 576, let it go.

@rbscebu - how many razors have you taken to 50,000 shaves?

@PintoPlain - If you were trying to gift a Heljestrand mk 24 to Rob and he refused, um, I’m something of a frugal palm orchard magnate myself (too frugal to have any, even)…

@BudgetShaverGuy - comfort’s the game and your strategy definitely pays off. Which blades are your favorite one-and-done blades?
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