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I am in the process of divesting myself of most of my razor collection. I am keeping six of the razors I use most often. The razors I am selling are all in excellent shape, there are the original boxes for a number of them. Quite a few have custom handles and I am also offering bonus equipment for buyers of multiple razors.

I accept PayPal.

Shipping is to Canada and the US. $20 Cdn for tracked packages to Canada and $15 US for tracked packages to the US. This shipping price will be the same for up to 2 razors or unless otherwise stated.
If you buy 3 razors you will receive a Windrose leather travel pouch for your razor at no extra charge.Or free shipping
If you buy 4 razors you get a Marvel razor head on a customized GMC pen barrel. And free shipping
If you buy 5 razors you get a Fatip OC razor in black. And shipping is free.

Once the bonuses are gone it will revert to free shipping on 3 or more razors.

Shipping will also be free on selected razors below.

If you buy 6 or more razors, you will recieve free shipping plus one of the wooden racks you see then razors displayed in at no extra cost.
The Karve razor set will count as 3 razors as will the Rockwell 6S set.


1. Pils SS razor. Excellent shaver, takes a bit of time to get used to it. $280 US new. Selling for $150. Free shipping
2+3+4 Rockwell 6S Set. Two extra caps, a palm handle and a Windsor Atlas handle. $254 new. Selling for $150. Free shipping. Two of the razors have etched caps. One with the Starship Enterprise and the other with the Batman logo. Third cap is polished with a bit more to do.
5. Edwin Jagger DE89L, selling for $20.
6. Muhle R89 , selling for $25
7. Merkur Futur, selling for $40
8. Razorock Mamba 70, selling for $35.
9. Razorock Gamechanger 68 OC on a Windrose handle. Selling for $100. Free shipping
10. Maggard SB Black head on a charcoal gray halo handle. Selling for $20
11. Lupo Dual Comb SS on a 2 piece halo handle. Selling for $60.
12. WCS head set (A=aggressive, SB and OC) on a 1 piece halo handle. Selling for $25
13.Charcoal Goods LvL2 on a Windrose Damascus SS handle. Selling for $125. Free shipping
14. RotBart Mond Extra OC. selling for $125. Free shipping
15. Feather AS D2. Selling for $125. Free shipping.
16. Muhle Rocca. Absolutely no problems with blade exposure or tightening etc. Selling for $50
17. ATT SS SB with two plates...SSR and the SSM. Selling for $100. Free shipping
18. Cooncat Bob fluted handle (with magnet) and New improved head. Selling for $125. Free Shipping.
19. Cooncat Bob halo handle with NewLong Comb head in faded black nickel. Still looks and shaves great. Selling for $125 Free shipping
20. Henson AL13 Medium. Selling for $35.
21. Timeless Bronze with 38 SB plate and 78 OC plate. Selling for $150. Free shipping
22+23+24. Karve Brass razors on a 3.5" handle with B plate, a Charcoal Goods handle with D plate and a Windrose Damascus Bamboo handle with a C plate. Total cost new is $315, selling all 3 for $200. Free shipping. Two of the razors have the top cap etched. One with a dragon and the other with the Superman logo.

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Guys. Not sure why these haven't gone. Not complaining and many thanx to the fellow BBrs who have bought razors from this post.
The Karve Brass razor set and the Rockwell razor set are composed of 3 complete razors per set.
The Karve set is 3 full razors comprised of the B,C,and D plates with handles from Karve, Windrose and Charcoal Goods. The handles from Windrose and CG are worth more than what I'm asking for the entire set. You cant even get a CG handle now.
I'm reducing the price on the Karve set to $150 USD. Shipping is free and you get a choice of two other razors and a razor travel sheath at no cost.
The Rockwell set is again 3 COMPLETE razors with standard and custom handles. Same choices as to extras at no additional costs.
I will also combine 5,6,7,8 for a price of $100, free shipping and if still available choice of Fatip OC, Marvel head on custom handle or Windrose travel sheath.
#9 is reduced to $75 plus free shipping.
Thanx for looking.
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