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Hoyt's Cologne rediscovered

I first discovered Hoyt's Cologne in a five and dime-ish Maxxway store here in South Carolina back around 1994. It was in a 3-4 oz. glass bottle and as I recall it didn't cost very much. Light and pleasant.

That store got sold off to another chain and the inventory was reduced and eventually the store was torn down to build a hotel. I forgot all about the cologne although I saw it online mainly from stores selling for a lack of words, "Voodoo/Hoodoo supplies". Why anyone would take an entire bottle of cologne and pour it over themselves with the hope of discovering instant wealth (or attract a sex partner) was beyond me. To each their own.

Two weeks ago I wandered into one of the last old-fashioned mom 'n' pop pharmacies and there on the shelf behind the counter was a display of Hoyt's! It's as nice as I remember is though it wasn't cheap: a .75 oz. (22.1 ml) cost $8.99. I didn't buy one of the larger (now in plastic) bottles but then I don't plan on pouring the contents all over myself. :letterk1:

The Knize

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Hoyt's is great. I really like Hoyt's, but to me it has absolutely no legs. Almost fleeting. Smells really good.

That seems really expensive for Hoyt's, though. When you say there was a display of Hoyt's, was there any more than various sizes of the cologne or whatever they call it? I did not know that they made any other products other than the cologne.


I love Hoyt's , I use it as an aftershave. I'm currently down to 1 bottle and haven't been able to find any as of late.
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