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How to tame a curly beard?

So I'm growing out a beard until January for something the girlfriend roped me in to. It's kind of like revenge for the said roping in of. The problem I'm having after about a month and a half if that my naturally curly hair is making it a huge mess. I pretty much look like I have wings where my sideburns run into my beard and it's generally an unruly mess. Not washing it for several days doesn't help and using conditioner doesn't help. Is there something I can do without adding product to it that will make it oily?
I would make the obvious reply stating to shave it...but I won't do that ;) I actually had the same issue when I grew out a beard and never did find anything that worked for me short of just letting it grow and eventually gravity did it's thing and it looked much more neat.
I personally don't shave, but B&B is too tempting, I had to sign up for all the other great things. When you say you don't want to put product in your hair do you mean like style products or just anything? bryant has a point, the biggest tool for beards is patience, I can almost promise you that you will go through awkward beard growth, and times when you hate it for shape/fullness or lack of/ color etc. Patience is key if you want to really get there. As for things you could try in the mean time, I use a 50/50 mix of jojoba and argan oil, this helps to soften and tame the beard, especially when you utilize a boar bristle brush to really help work it in to the hair. I will about once a week put in a pea sized amount of coconut oil, and it makes it incredibly soft and wonderful, but anymore and it turns in to a greasy mess. I do use shampoo and conditioner, but I'll spare you those unless you really want them. I have recently been utilizing Jamaican Black Castor Oil every other week in place of the coconut oil, and have been extremely pleased with the results. I have been trim free for two years at the end of November to give you an idea of how long I have been dealing with beardage. My beard hair without intervention is curly and bone freaking dry, the products I use help to tame and moisturize giving a touchable feel.


I dislike reading beard threads because every time I do I want to grow mine out again.

I have Wild Man Beard Conditioner. I used to massage a few drops into my beard after a shower, then comb it. It made my awesome beard gigantically more awesome! It has a slight scent to it, but it was pleasant.


I found it for $12 on the bay.

I would wash my beard every shower and comb it a few times a day.
You guys are giving me hope. I've rarely grown my beard for more than two months because, while I have decent coverage, my beard (unlike my moustache) is unruly with a mix of curly and straight hairs going every which way. I wish there was some way I could get it to lay down.
Beard wax, beard balm, beard conditioner, beard oil, a little bit of hair shaping/styling cream (there are plenty that won't give you that oily feel or look, but work their magic just right). I would avoid stripping your beard with shampoo/soaps or anything with a harsh detergent base, and be very selective about the conditioner you use. If you find all of those routes unsuccessful, I know Got2Be hair glue will literally tame any hair in the direction you want it, but that's a bit extreme.
I think my father had a beard trimmer that kept each hair no longer than 1/4 inch or something.

Do you have to continuously grow out your beard to maximum length, or can you trim it back to something acceptable?


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I think my father had a beard trimmer that kept each hair no longer than 1/4 inch or something.

Do you have to continuously grow out your beard to maximum length, or can you trim it back to something acceptable?

Daily I shape my beard line with a Schick injector. I don't shampoo my beard, but wash it with a soap bar when I wash my face. I have a trimmer set to desired setting and trim daily due my beards wiry nature. I keep it about an inch thick. It zaps off the fly aways. Beard balm daily is a must. I have found combing and brushing the beard balm into the beard for roughly one minute is key in taming the beast.
Don't kid yourself into thinking growing a beard is a time saver. My beard regimen is vastly more time consuming than shaving.
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Comb or brush your beard regularly, several times a day. That will help. It is similar to people with kinky hair using a hair pick. You can also put a small amount of oil in your beard. You can buy fancy beard oil, or just use a little bit of olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil (the one I use), etc. I mean just a couple of drops to a few drops, depending on the size and length of your beard. Rub it on your fingers then rub your beard hair with those fingers, then comb or brush.
Coconut oil. I have used a couple of different balms, oils and lotions (Backwoods, Beardsley & Brooklyn) with different success with each one but the best thing I have used is coconut oil. Two to three times a week I rub it in and coat my beard liberally. I leave it in for 30 to 60 minutes and then wash it out usually with bar soap in the shower (shampoo always seems to dry my beard out). I also use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist daily in the shower. Doing these two things make all the difference in the world for me.


Zombie thread! I literally google "tame curly beard" and this is the first thread that popped up. Well my girlfriend from the original post is now my wife and my beard is a little more tame. Oils and balms don't do the trick. Neither does combing or brushing alone. I haven't tried a wax or pomade yet, but I may eventually.

The only thing that I've found so far that keeps my beard relatively straight is blow drying it. Other than that it ends up a curly mess and is generally about an inch shorter than when properly blow dried. Of course I moisturize with balm or oil afterwards, but without that first step it just won't straighten out.
Haha that's an awesome thread revival. I have a super dense curly beard. Barely a straight hair in the lot. I've learned to just love it and embrace it. It's not going to grow in length very fast, but it totally makes up for it in how full and thick it looks. I don't know how long you've been growing yours, but I've been going on about 10 months. The only trimming I've done is to cleanup some stragglers. My beard looks to be about only 3 inches long in its natural state. When hairs are straightened they seem to almost double in length.