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How often is too much!?!

I haven't tried this yet so I figured I'd ask...

I typically shave every other day (or a few days), but never (that I can remember) on consecutive days.

My growth after a day is maybe 0.5 mm in spots.

Is that too short for a shave? If I go for it, is a sharp blade with mild razor better? Or would something more aggressive be appropriate?

I'd love anyone's opinion/thoughts/warnings, etc.:straight:
Depends on the person. I like to shave daily or about six times per week. Sometimes, I will shave twice in a day if I am going out in the evening.

A lot of people doing daily shaving will do well with a mild razor + sharp blade combination. For example, Gillette Tech + Feather (or Nacet, etc.). I personally like more aggressive razors such as a Fatip Piccolo, Fatip Open Comb Slant, or R41 if I want a really close shave that will last awhile. No problem using daily with careful technique and a good lather, or every other day.
I usually shave every every other day. Not because of irritation, but because my beard growth has slowed down from what it was in the past.
I think daily shaving is a bit much, unless the company you work for requires it, or the military. I shave every two days, my skin thanks me for it, and for the time it takes my whiskers to grow, that works out perfectly for me. YMMV. I do skip weekends though, I see no need to shave on the weekend.
I shave 4-7x a week depending on what’s going on. I use a milder razor when I shave daily and a more aggressive one if I miss a day or two.

No right or wrong.
Yeah, I don't "need" to for any real reason, but it's nice to have an excuse to use up soap, lather, break in a boar, and try different razors.:straight:

Did a quick two pass with my Henson and a Gillette 7 o'clock today and seemed to work well. Cheers!
I've shaved every day for over 50 years now. Well, I probably missed a couple of days when I was sick. I enjoy the clean smooth feeling of a shave every morning.

I usually use a different razor every day, since getting into this hobby I currently have over 20. Although I rarely use the Muhle R41, it's great for every other day.


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For those who believe that the SI system is a French plot to subjugate planet Earth (and space as well) that would be 1/36 of an inch. :cuppa:

Now I feel better, AND smarter doggone! Seems I have an incredibly average beard growth rate!
Think of it the other way round. I'd say just find whatever razor and blade work for you then shave when you feel like it.

Basically when I feel I've got too much stubble I'll shave it off.
For those who believe that the SI system is a French plot to subjugate planet Earth (and space as well) that would be 1/36 of an inch. :cuppa:

It clearly is a French plot. In school we were told that the decimal system was logical because we have 10 fingers and thumbs, conveniently ignoring the fact that we have 12 finger bones on each hand.


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0.5mm growth per day is on the high end. Research suggests that whisker for most men grow at about 0.3mm to 0.5mm per 24 hours.

"Safety" razor shavers must have greater willpower than I. Since taking up SR shaving over two years ago, I think I have missed only 2 or 3 daily shaves. If I can think of any excuse, I SR shave twice some days.

When I was cart shaving (before my SR enlightenment) I was restricted to 3 shaves per week due to skin irritation. I considered going from cart to "safety" razors but not being able to see the blade's edge on my skin scarred me.
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