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how NOT to change blades

Hey everybody, its good to be back after 10 days in Argentina.

In reading these boards, one of the tips for new DE users I've read is to make sure you tighten the razor head on the blade sufficiently, so when I put in a new blade in my Merkur 1904 the last time I made sure to tighten the head as tight as I could, and over the past week I've tried to tighten it a few times just to make sure it was as tight as it could get.

Well this morning the blade felt kind of dull, and as it was around my 5th shave with that blade, I decided it was time to switch blades. I picked up the razor, and, not very carefully, grabbed it by the non-blade edges and started to twist. It wouldn't budge, so I twisted harder, and harder. You know how in Tug-of-War, at the end the losing side always lets go of the rope and the winners all fall over? Well it's a good thing that Tug-of-War isn't played on fields made of DE blades. Here's a few pictures to explain why:

IMO this was caused by bad karma for rolling my eyes when my mom told me to be careful with the blades, or perhaps for getting cocky at not having nicked/cut myself in a few shaves. Oh well, I guess I'll be more careful next time.
Sorry about your incident! Tightening a blade is not a hard thing to do. Just tighten the knob until it is snug. And test it throughout the shave. My main DE is a Merkur HD Classic. I check it after every pass. Not "tight", just snug.

The best way to change the blade in the 1904 is to rest the head on the counter and turn the handle. It's much easier than grabbing the head while you turn it.
That really sucks. Should this situation come about again, try wrapping a washcloth or hand towel around the head and grasping the towel. Then you don't have to worry about cutting yourself, only the towel.
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