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How much is a vintage brush worth?

I was antiquing today and found three vintage brushes--a synthetic, a boar, and a badger--ranging from $25-40. All had Bakelite handles, one of which was a butterscotch very like a nice restored brush that's for sale on the BST right now. I would be interested in doing a restoration as a project, but not if I end up sinking a ton of money into it, and $40 for what amounts to a handle seems like a lot to me. How expensive is it to restore a brush, and are these brushes worth the price?
Antique shops often overprice rather tired old brushes with crazed handles. These only have value if they belonged to a family member or remind you of something special IMO. As a shaving brush, they are usually not worth the bother. Once in a while a little used or even new brush shows up and these might be worth 15-25 unless they are really special such as an ivory handle job.


I bought a new old stock butterscotch no name brush on ebay. Thought it was a old stock Simpsons badger . Got it and it turned out to be a boar hair brush ringed with badger hair. Overpaid $28 for the Simpson's brush:lol: but the butter scotch handle was like new ,in perfect condition . I then sent it to ShaveMac ,the brush maker, and they reknotted it in Finest for $70. Outstanding service and this small brush is a true delight to use. Since I have had another brush reknotted by them I can say that they somehow clean and shine the handles as part of the restoration . Highly pleased with ShaveMac.

Personally I would not pay the antique store prices for old brush handles, I'd go to ebay or just advertise for one in the BST. Since brush restoration has become popular even old ebay brushes face competitive bidding but compared to the antique store prices I'd still hunt for one in the BST or ebay.

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I'm with blantyre. Antique shops and others like to overprice for quite a few of their items. But not everyone. I can attest to this as I got some very nice looking brushes this week while visiting some family members. Not just the handles look nice, but the hair itself looks like it has never been used! If it has it has been light, and I got both for 35 dollars. I'm strongly considering using these beauties. :w00t:

If one of the handles is really special to you, I'd say try going for it, but ask them to knock the price down. Quite often most will be willing to go down. If not just keep your eyes open and try hitting stores and garage sales as you can. It's surprising what you can find at some places! Hope you have luck in finding a handle for a restoration project!
I have never found a decent brush in an antique store.I found one that has never been used but its very stiff.
You can get vintage brushes very cheap on Ebay. Find ones you like and bid low. The spendy ones are ivory or vintage Rooney/Simpsons with hairs that are still in usable condition. Good luck!
If you find a really cool looking handle, then re-knot it. Give it new life. But don't pay much for it.

Great answer! What you are willing to pay is really all they are worth. I wouldn't part with more than $10 or so for the average EverReady, Made Rite etc. etc. especially if I know I'm going to have to invest in its restoration.
Like anything else, value is relative to the buyer. That said, like others have posted, I find that most "vintage" brushes are very overpriced. I have bout a few, but generally try to spend $2-$5. I did spend $10, on my first, which was a NIB Badger. Still have it, use it occasionally, and love it. I collect them mainly for the handles though, as I like some of the neat handles.
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