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How long does Shaving cream last ?

If I just stored it at room temp, how long does shaving cream last. I'm talking like a tube of Bigelow ?

Ussually it would not be a problem but its so concentrated a little dot worth is all I need per day and I was thinking about buying it on sale
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I still have tubes from over a year ago and tubs about two years old. The tubs seem to lose more of the scent earlier but seem to work just fine.
I have creams that are 6-7 years old and work fine.

Now that's what I want to hear!:thumbup1:

Our friends in Brussels insist on a sell-by/use-by/consume-by on every product, hence shaving cream having a 12 month use by sign on the lid.
I've also purchased 8 tubes of Nivea men (original blue) shaving cream, the tubes where only a £1:00pence form my local poundland in uk, i've done a quick google search on shaving creams and found this, which is on the tube packaging.http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_26kTBdVnBW4/TAV1gHYN1yI/AAAAAAAAB7Q/Y_xqQJFMzlk/s1600/open+jar+symbol.jpg
i assume this 12 month period applies once you've opened the tube, even if the scent fades, the actual cream is still ok use...hopefully.if not it hasn't broken the bank on my impulsive buying spree.:thumbup1:
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Left overs from 2011 when I first began wet shaving and experimenting and sampling, etc. I can recall having used up 1 tube of Proraso, 1 tube of Arko, several soaps, too many to count, but I also had to do the quick Barbasol and cartridge shave to get out in a hurry on a few occasions. This is what I have left. My lesson learned is NEVER anticipate how long it will take you to use something up. You can get sick of using it in the process, ya have a squirrel moment and find something new, something better maybe.....then ya wanna compare that to the old thing you've been using, suddenly you realized you've missed the scent of the old cream after a while and go back to it, meanwhile your new cream is now collecting dust and it's okay because you've bought 2 more of the old and yeah.....it's not a squirrel moment....it's curiosity mixed with thinking ya know something....lol....dollars to donuts bets ya don't know yer stocking up on shaving supplies and not realizing it....lol....it's okay ....like I said....this is what I have LEFT since 2011....

The soaps:

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The creams:

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The Blades:

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To answer the question, how long does it last.....all of this has been at room temperature in my house since 2011.....I just checked them, and they're fine. Lol....watch out for those squirrel moments though. It tends to have an adverse effect on your storage space.
After his father had died in December 2012, my brother-in-law was clearing his late dad's house and found a tube of Palmolive shaving cream with a price tag still in deutschmarks, i. e. it must have been purchased prior to 2002 when the euro was introduced. He tried the cream and it worked perfectly fine, the typical fragrance was there, the lather built up nicely, even after more than 10 years of storage at room temperature. There's shelf life for you! :thumbup1:
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