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How internet sites deteriorate


I don't have a funny description.
I wanna write about something I've been thinking a lot about lately. It's the issue of how different internet sites, mainly big ones, deteriorate over time.
At first the site looks one way, and you get used to it, it can change a little over time, but nothing major, and you master the use of this particular site. Then after some time, in most cases it concerns sites that get more popular, the site is beginning to change at a rapid pace, adding different unneeded features and options, replacing old ones that were more intuitive and simple to use. And these changes are in most cases meaningless and pointless, just over-complicating the use of that site. Irritating. And that keeps adding up until you are having trouble using the site. My best guess as to why that happens, is that sites that get popular are hiring new staff, and it comes to the point where there are too many people that are in charge of something rather. So in order to justify their salary they change the site all the time to keep themselves busy. I thank God I still can easily use our forum.
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