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Hindostan Info/Photos/ID Thread

I would just keep soaking it in fresh S.G. After a few soaks it should stop changing colors. You might want to give it some time between soaks to let the oil migrate back out to the surface of the stone. The effect of Simple Green as far as I can tell is similar to lye - it dissolves the oil, but can't penetrate the stone very far. So oil is removed at and near the surface, then migrates back out again. One of these days I might try lye on an old "don't care" stone.
Just adding some pics of what I believe to be a Hindostan sharpening stone which I bought by accident on ebay. The stone was used with oil, I cleaned it up and flattened it on granite using wet and dry sandpaper - now using it with slurry and water mainly to sharpen knives. It does well with the Washitas (Number one and rosy red?), who knows - they both are fast. Heard somewhere that the lily whites hat a SG higher than 2.6, mine washitas are lower at 2,3 and 2,22 the Hindostan being 2,31 in Specific Gravity.


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