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Herbal teas online?

I'm hoping one of my fellow B&Bers will know of a source.. I am spending part of my downtime in New Mexico where I found this wonderful herb shop. They sell herb blends in capsules, spices, etc. But they also have tea mixes. Sure there is the ubiquitous Mate and roasted Mate but they have specific blends for sleeping (puts sleepy time to shame), sore throat, cold/flu, and best of all - overworked/sore muscles!

These folk don't ship. After doing a cursory google search I can't find any such thing online.. Does anyone here know of a possible source?

Can't say for sure if this will blow your skirt up, but Teavana.com has a sale right now and they're fond of mixing their teas with fruits and herbs. Otherwise, if I were inclined, I'd look at natural food stores (Earth Fare, for example) or vitamin/supplement shops.

I don't drink a lot of herbal tea, though - hopefully someone else here does and can help more!

The main herbal giant in the US is Mountain Rose Herbs. If you know the mixture, you can blend yourself from their seemingly endless supply.

For good working blends, I have found Lochan Teas to be excellent. I use Blood Cleanser Chai to help with sleep and when I've felt I've eaten too many sweets. Teaspring also has a decent selection of chinese herbs as do some Malaysian internet shop that I've forgotten the name of.

Uptons has a few items worth having at not completely horrible prices...
I don't drink much of the herbal stuff (though I do enjoy mint tea from time to time), but see if adagio tea has something you're looking for. They have lots of custom blends, including, IIRC, an option to design your own.
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