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Help save "Shaving" on Wikipedia

At this URL:


Where many members of B&B state they found this web site through the above link, is in jeopardy of being deleted.

Today, I noticed the following at the above link:
‹ The template below has been proposed for deletion. See templates for deletion to help reach a consensus on what to do. ›
This article is missing citations and/or footnotes.

To meet Wikipedia's style guidelines and conform to our policies regarding NPOV and verifiability, please provide appropriate citations and/or footnotes
Appearently, whoever created this page didn't provide enough citations and/or footnotes.

It'd be shame to have this page deleted. I added the "Facts" along with a citiation at the very bottom.

With all the knowledgeable members here, I'm sure we could work together to re-design "Shaving" on Wikipedia. Not only for its survival, but to make it more interesting as well.

There's much interesting literature out there about shaving history, Gillette, Schick, Straight Razors, DE Razors, etc. Also, I think the main picture could be replaced with something much more interesting than the Gillette Senzor3 Disposable.

For those that have links readily available, it's simply a matter of copy/paste, but just be sure to add a footnote and/or citation.

Wikipedia is awsome. Let's not let "Shaving" get deleted.

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