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Help me choose!

Which of these brushes for a face latherer

  • Rooney 1/1

  • Simpson Chubby 1

  • Rooney Beehive 1

  • Simpson Tulip 1

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Hello everyone,

I am new to B&B and this is my first post. I used to shave with a safety razor some thirty-five years ago, but fell into the trap of cartridge razors. I have never really been satisfied with the shave that they gave me, but since I have a fairly slow growing beard, I could "get away with it". Long story short, I have "reconverted" back to safety razors, and don't intend on looking back.

I've been using a Merkur 34C razor and a simple TOBS super badger travel brush. I recently got a hold of a Gillette Aristocrat #66 (which is currently in transit), and I want to get nice brush to complement it (and to use with my Merkur).

As I mentioned, I have a slower growing beard, that isn't particularly heavy. I can comfortably get away with shaving every other day should I elect to do so.

I am primarily a face latherer who uses creams, and am looking for a brush that will best fit that niche. Will I ever use soaps and bowls - most likely as part of the shaving experience, but perhaps it would make sense to get a separate brush for that mode?

With the above in mind, I have focused on Simpson and Rooney brushes, and would prefer to stay within those two lines for this first brush.

From reading up here on B&B (and other sites), it seems that most face latherers roughly prefer brushes with a 20-23mm knot and a 40-48mm loft. Handle size seems to be a personal preference - based on the TOBS travel that I have, I'm thinking something less than 50mm would be best. I am also set on a "super" badger hair brush

The brushes that I have narrowed it down to are (sorted by total height - numbers are: overall, handle, loft, knot):

Rooney 1/1 - 87, 42, 45, 22
Simpson Chubby 1 - 88, 41, 47, 23
Rooney Beehive 1 - 90, 46, 44, 20
Simpson Tulip 1 - 95, 47, 48, 22

I would love to get folks thoughts on the above brushes (and if there are any others from the simpson/rooney line that folks think I should absolutely consider

Thank you all for your patience with a newbie on the forum

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Where is the all of the above option? I say buy them all... Haha honestly I haven't used any of those just thought I would say good luck and welcome aboard to B&B. Some other fine members with pertinent experience will soon drop in and let you know their recommendations.
The Rooney 1/1 has a slightly small knot, I couldn't imagine using a Beehive with a 20mm knot! While functional I'd spring for something more along the lines of a Chubby 1 in terms of ease of use.

Personally I've found the newer Rooney standard silvertips to be of inconsistent quality. A Heritage three band may be worth looking into though. Don't get set on "Super." My Colonel in best is softer than my Rooney 1/2 Silvertip (though not my 1/1).

Don't get set on that 20-23mm range or short handles. While my ideal brush is around 23-24mm yours may be much different. Tall handles can actually be easier to use depending on technique.

I'd try a Colonel if I were in your position. Small investment compared to some other brushes, easy to resell (or buy pre-owned) an extremely versatile performer and good to contrast other brush characteristics so that big brush investment is a much more educated one.
A Colonel for face lathering is one of my best surprises.
However I'm a fan of bigger knots, so I think a Chubby will work slughtly better for my tastes.
I am actually a fan of a brush with some size to it -Simpson Chubby 2, Rooney Stubby 2; for travel, I have a Trumper Pure Badger Travel Brush. I agree that the loft of the brush should be less than or equal to 50mm for face shaving...I envision it being like slapping myself repeatedly with anything longer...so anyway, they are all good brushes,whichever you choose will serve you well.
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I have a Rooney 2/1 and really like it as an all around performer. I also have a Duke 3 in Best which I prefer for face lathering.
I can't answer for the choices you have up there,but I do have a Chubby 2 in super badger that's a great face latherer,but I also dome shave so it may be too big for you.
I agree with Shmuel a Duke 3 in best is a great face latherer,a great all around brush.
I've never used any of those listed, but I can say I love my Simpson Berkeley #46B. I face lather exclusively and it's the only brush I use, 7 days a week. It's got a shorter loft to keep it from being too floppy for face lathering. I've been very pleased with it, but again I don't have experience with the others. I can just say: this #46 works great and is a very high quality brush. Apparently it's often recommended for face lathering. :thumbup:

Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer my questions. I think I'm going to go with the Colonel as my first Simpson. It seems to be a generally very respected brush, and a great entree into the Simpson line
Well I finally pulls the trigger on a brush this morning! I went off the reservation and ordered a Simpson Tulip T2 from Superior shave. Will post pictures (and no doubt ask questions) once it arrives!!

Mike H

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Well I finally pulls the trigger on a brush this morning! I went off the reservation and ordered a Simpson Tulip T2 from Superior shave. Will post pictures (and no doubt ask questions) once it arrives!!

The T2 is a great choice, and I love the shape, but I am curious why you chose it. Was it the aesthetics, the price, did it speak to you last night in a dream?
Hi Mike, as you can imagine, I have been obsessing over brushes for the past few days. I think I've read just about every review I could find on the web - much to the chagrin of my wife (she's actually an angel for putting up with me daily!)

I was actually bouncing around between the The Colonel, Chubby 1, and Duke D2. I ruled out the Chubby, because the handle seems just a tad too small for my personal taste. I ended up gravitating towards the Duke which has stellar reviews, and came close to buying it several times.

However, I realised that the thing that was preventing me from pulling the trigger was that I really wanted a super badger brush. Knowing myself, I realised that if I purchased a best badger, I just would not be happy. Obviously not entirely rational, as the reviews of the best badger Simpson brushes, and particularly the Duke, are for the most part outstanding. Then again, I quite honestly can't lay claim to being rational!

With the above in mind, I started gravitating towards the Tulip. As trite as it may sound, I really like the shape of the handle and how it fits with the whole look of the brush. I also felt that it would be brush that would be pleasing to hold and use.

I ended up selecting a specific brush on the superior shave with a 48mm loft and a 21mm knot, that seemed to fit the bill (#4 for those who may be interested.)

At the end of the day, I realise that I'm very likely going to end up with multiple brushes, but I think (and hope), that this will be a great first Simpson purchase.
My very first brush was a Rooney 2/1. I used it exclusively for two or three years. It's a great brush and has served me well.

I now rotate 24 brushes and (yikes!) still growing.
I voted Chubby 1, but that was because you did not have a Duke 2 on the list. While the Chubby knot is great, I like the flow through better on the Duke.

+1. Duke 2 in best is my goto brush. Terrific for face lathering IMO with great backbone and flow-through.
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