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Hello from So Cal

Hello all. I am just getting started with a straight razor and wanted to join a forum to get my feet wet in the community.
I have had three straight razor shaves by a barber over the last several years and decided it was time to learn the art myself. My shaving history began with a disposable, then to disposable cartridges, then to an electric and now back to disposable multi-blade cartridges. I'm tired of getting a sub-par shave so I decided to try my hand (literally) with a straight.

i just purchased my first blade and strop. They are in the mail and should be arriving soon. The blade is a Dovo 5/8 half hollow and the strop is a premiere strop co 3". I have yet to get any other supplies as I plan on getting used to the feel of my new blade before doing any actual shaving. Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated. I do plan on buying a badger hair brush, shaving cream, razor stand, and after shave soon. Eventually a whetstone, but that may be awhile.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Joel B
Welcome! You should start a shave journal in the straight razor shave section of this forum once you get your razor. There are a lot of pro's that can offer great advice once you start your new journey.

Take it slow. This is a skill that you will learn to master over time.
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