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Heaviest Band You've Seen Live

I was inspired by the last few posts in the "What are you listening to" thread, but I didn't want to pull that one into too much of a digression. So, those of you that have seen rock gods, screaming hardcore kids, or thrashing indies in person (be honest, I'm talking you were there, not on DVD); who has damaged your eardrums the most?

For me, it was probably a free Lightning Bolt show out in western NY in some college's shed. But, I will have to think on this some more....
Good question.

I don't really equate "heavy" with "loudness"

I can't recall a single "most heavy" off the top of my head, but I've witnessed several shows that nearly blew my head off.

Helmet (1991, Euclid Tavern, Cleveland) If I was to pick a #1, this would be it. Pretty much every show they did for the next few years after that were awesome as well. I know I saw them at least 5 times.. maybe more.

The Jesus Lizard (several shows 1991, 1992, Euclid Tavern, Cleveland)

Melvins (Fall 1991, Euclid Tavern, Cleveland)

Slayer (sometime in 1996 or 97, Odeon, Cleveland)

Zeni Geva & Ed Hall (mid-90s, Grog Shop, Cleveland)

Hammerhead (several shows, early 90's, Euclid Tavern, Cleveland)

Dinosaur Jr. (mid-90's line-up, Cleveland Agora) maybe the loudest!

Sonic Youth (Central Park NYC July 4th 1992)

Skinny Puppy (Too Dark Park tour, 1991, Cleveland Agora)

Ministry (Lollapalooza II, Summer 1992, Cleveland)

Tool & Meshuggah (2001, Cleveland State Convo. Center)

and I have to throw in:

Clutch & Deftones (mid-90's Grog Shop, Cleveland)
I stood in front of the stacks while watching Billy Idol on his Rebel Yell tour in Birmingham. My ears have been ringing ever since. :mad:
Metallica 91 or 92 at Madison Square Garden and I was in "the snake pit," a lowered area on the stage.

Dio, New Years Eve 1989 also at MSG. The show where the crowd tore off the seat cusions and set them on fire.

Murphy's Law at some tiny theater in Newark in 1988.
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Dragon Force

The band that went on just before them (I don't remember who they were, and it isn't listed on the ticket) uses a double base. I was right in front of the stage, in the second row. As they were setting up, the drummer tests his double base and I could literally feel my hair move, there was that much air coming out of the speakers. My whole chest was shaking and I felt like it was going to mess with the rhythm of my heart or something.
June 7, 1972 - Led Zeppelin at the Montreal Forum.

I watched the show leaning up against the stage.

#1 recollection: Jimmy Page in a cloud of rosin (from the guitar solo-w/-violin-bow), backlit.

and Bonzo beatin' up his drum kit.

and Plant....
I'm thinking Green Day back when they were kicking *** instead of selling out. Most recent though was BB King, great music and a great showman. Pretty much the opposite of heavy though.
June 7, 1972 - Led Zeppelin at the Montreal Forum.

I watched the show leaning up against the stage.

#1 recollection: Jimmy Page in a cloud of rosin (from the guitar solo-w/-violin-bow), backlit.

and Bonzo beatin' up his drum kit.

and Plant....

I won't even try to compete with this one...
For me it would be a toss up between Black Sabbath and the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

It's been a few years! Saw Sabbath at the Cardiff Students Union and Hendrix was top of the bill at a big hall in Cardiff where I used to collect glasses for the bar for a bit of money when I was about 15. I took the great man some beers and had a go on his guitar in the time between the two shows!

Do you know that when he threw his guitar into the side of the stage at the end of the shows, he had a mattress for it to land on? Wonder if that's where Noel Redding, the bass player got his later band's name of Fat Mattress?

Hendrix was a quiet, gentle bloke off stage. lovely guy and still missed.


Don't know is it counts as "heavy" per so, but as far as loudness goes, the worst for me was ACDC at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, circa 1996. As we were walking up the steps to the doors and I could see and hear the doors vibrating in their frames while the opening band played, I knew there would be pain. Should have brought earplugs.

We get settled and the opening skit was a Beavis and Butthead cartoon on a screen. It was SO....PAINFULLY....LOUD I seriously considered clamping my hands over my ears for the entire concert. They started off with Back In Black and I just said the heck with it and unclamped. At one point during "Thunderstruck", my friend hits me (the only way we had of getting each other's attention) and holds up his ticket. The ticket was moving, flexing in the air in time to the basedrum.

The entire ride home with my friend was pretty much static with the occasional bleep and blurp heard as we tried to talk to each other. Lying in my bed that night, I could still hear the roar of the crowd. Sometime around 6pm the following day, my hearing returned. I know there was at least some permanent damage done that night!
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Nine Inch Nails, Detroit, Lions Stadium (early 90's think it was the downward spiral tour) ... Trent must have sang/screamed for 2 hours straight. I was in awe at his voice that night. The crowd was cool, but I must have stank from that concert for days.
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